Central Oregon Bujinkan
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Our Services/Seminars

With Central Oregon Bujinkan you will learn from the nine schools taught in the Honbu Dojo in Japan.  These Schools (ryu) include six taught to the Samurai and three specifically used by Shinobi.
You are instructed in the following:
Dakentaijutsu (striking methods)
Jujutsu (grapple art)
Kenjutsu (sword art)
Tantojutsu (knife art)
Yarijutsu (spear art)
Naginatajutsu (halberd art)
Bo, hanbo, and jojutsu (staff, and stick art)
Gun disarms
and much more.

The following is a rough price guide.  We are willing to teach classes outside of our regular schedule for a higher fee.  Private lessons are also available.

One Month (twice weekly):

One Month (once weekly):

One Class: