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Central Oregon Bujinkan
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8th Kyu

Taihen Jutsu Sabaki Gata

               Shiho Tenchi Tobi

               Happo Sabaki 

Hoppo Ukemi Gata

               Naname Zenpo Kaiten, Katate

               Zenpo Kaiten, Katate

               Koho Kaiten, Katate

               Yoko Nagare


Tai no Kamae

               Ichimonji no Kamae (Togakure Ryu)

               Ichimonji no Kamae (Gyokko Ryu)

               Hicho no Kamae (Togakure Ryu)

               Hicho no Kamae (Gyokko Ryu)

               Jumonji no Kamae


Hiken Ju Roppo







Tsuki/Geri Gata

               Sokuho Geri

               Koho Geri


Kihon Happo (Koshi San Po Gata)

               Ichimonji no Kata

               Jumonji no Kata

               Hicho no Kata


Ha Jutsu Kyu Ho




-Personal Notes on 8th Kyu-

Shiho Tenchi Tobi-
           When you begin to Tobi, remember NOT to preload and jump with a lead leg. You should feel as if someone is pulling you at the hip.
- While doing the Koshi Sanpo gata, remember to keep EVERYTHING  the same speed and intention. DO NOT speed up then slow down. STAY IN KAMAE!!
-Yoko Nagare -
Leg over opposite shoulder, allow that same leg to swing through and land on the sole of the foot in  front of should be in JINCHU no KAMAE.
Naname Zempo Kaiten Katate-
Remember Sokuho Kaiten?? Use that while going at a forward Diagnol angle. 

Central Oregon Bujinkan